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- NetStress: It's is a multi threaded DDoS attack generator software. It's developed for testing DDoS mitigation systems and firewall/IPS performance tests. It supports more than 50 different DDoS attack methods. NetStress also has a GUI written in Python.

- MeGPS: MeGPS helps you keep track of the GPS location of another phone and allows you to query its location at any time via SMS or e-mail. You can use it to learn the whereabouts of your kid, wife, employee, or log the location of a vehicle you want to track. MeGPS records GPS data in every 30 minutes and emails it as Google Maps links with a user-defined period, e.g., hourly, daily. It's useful to keep tracking of children, employees or anybody else. If GPS is disabled by the user, then MeGPS notifies you via email and reminds the user with a pop up window. The locations visited by the client can be viewed just with a mouse click on the Google Maps. MeGPS works in background and does not drain your battery. It uses GPS only per 30 minutes. While installing the MeGPS on the target phone (e.g., your kid, wife, or employee), necessary contact information of the tracker (you) should be provided. This includes the phone number of the tracker (optional), e-mail address and contact type (SMS or e-mail). As soon as the tracker sends an SMS to the target with any text containing word "megps", the target sends back (via SMS or e-mail) its GPS location to the tracker. The location information is sent as a google maps link, therefore the tracker then can easily locate the target on the Google Maps just by following the link. The target can also be configured to periodically send out its location information to the tracker (such as in tracking a vehicle, etc). MeGPS is a very easy-to-use application and can be configured for several purposes.

- Dnsmasq: Dnsmasq is a lightweight, easy to configure DNS, DHCP, DHCPv6, and TFTP server. It has been ported to Android platform by me.

- MediaInfo: MediaInfo supplies technical and tag information about a video or audio file for DLNA. It has been ported to uClibc++ for embedded systems by me.

- PCD: PCD (Process Control Daemon), is an open source, light-weight, system level process manager for Embedded Linux based products (Consumer electronics, network devices, and more). With PCD in control, it is guaranteed that the system's boot up time will be reduced, and its reliability, availability and robustness will be enhanced. MIPS support is written by me.

- MetFS: MetFS is a filesystem software in userspace that is FUSE based, encrypted, dynamic sized, single file when it's unmounted and very fast. It has also a GUI that's written in Java.
Here is a document about implementation of MetFS, cryptography (hash, symmetric/asymmetric key and cipher algorithms), FUSE, and userspace file systems: MetFS Book.

- SpamGuard: Mail server spam blocker supporting qmail, qSheff, sendmail, exim and postfix.

- Turkish support of ToasterAdmin

- QmailSPF: It checks the SPF record of sender's mail server, searches the sender's IP address on a Real-time White List (RWL) server whether it is whitelisted or not, checks the sender's mail address whether the mail recipient added the sender's mail address to his white list (MySQL database). If the mail sender, which is not whitelisted, has no SPF record or not on a RWL server, then its mail is stored in a park directory and a notification mail is sent to the sender. The project is written in C.

- QmailadminLogger: Logs when a user deleted from system, a user added to system, password or quota changed of a user.

- NetDPI: This software is used for secure internet ( requirement of Turkish government. It can customize the DNS responses for each clients. The code is written in C. (commercial)

- 5651Sniffer: Logs all FTP, SMTP, and HTTP packets in a compatible way to the law 5651. It also has a perfect performance (only 6 % CPU usage in quad core machine) in 300 Mbit traffic, and never missed a packet. The project is coded in C. This project is commercial and contact with me for selling/maintaining operations.


Translation of "Linux System Administration" [Linux Sistem Yonetimi] book to Turkish

Translation of "Bulletproof Ajax" [Saglamligi Kanitlanmis Tekniklerle Web 2.0 Ajax] book to Turkish


[English] Introduction to ARM Linux Exploiting. It also published on Packet Storm Security.

[Turkish] Introduction to ARM Linux Exploiting. It also published on Packet Storm Security and Exploit DB.

The FreeBSD Audit System [FreeBSD Denetim Sistemi]

Jails: Confining the omnipotent root [Jail: Herseye Kadir root 'u Sinirlamak]

FreeBSD Jumpstart

Some Thoughts on Security After Ten Years of qmail 1.0 [qmail 1.0'in Uzerinden Gecen 10 Yilin Ardindan Guvenlik Konusundan Bazi Dusunceler]



Management Tools of System Performance: vmstat, iostat, and sar [Sistem Performansi Yonetim Araclari]

Linux Installation via Kickstart [Kickstart ile Linux Kurulumu]


Ege University - Network Applications on FreeBSD [2007-04-27]

Kadir Has University - FreeBSD: The Power to Serve [2008-04-16]

Yildiz Technical University - Introducing EnderUNIX [2008-04-19]

Fatih University - Information Security [2008-05-15]


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