Latest Version 1.7

What is Isoqlog

Isoqlog 2.0beta is released ! It supports Qmail, Sendmail and Postfix. New Isoqlog is written in C, not Perl
Now we are making beta tests!

This is the final beta release it is working quite good :) All known bugs are fixed. You can get it from isoqlog-2.0beta.tar.gz
Last Modification Time: Sat Jun 15 02:19:00 GMT 2002

Isoqlog is qmail log analysis program written in perl .  it designed to scan qmail logfiles and produce usage statistics in HTML

format for viewing through a browser. It produces Top domains   output according to Incoming , Outgoing , total mails and bytes,

it keeps  your main domain mail statistics for per day, per month and per year.

Latest Version 1.7

You should download again if you are using older versions(<=1.4).


* Supports two different logging mechanisms: Multilog, and traditional Syslog (splogger)
* Multi-domain support: Shows quite detailed statistics for not only your main domain, but also, any domain you want.
* Displays statistics for common mail delivery errors.
* For each domain you specify; displays Top incoming, outgoing, total and byte based statistics for users.
* Displays server's activity based on incoming, outgoing, total mails and size of incoming mail, for domain  and its users.
* All days', all months', all years' activities ( above ones ) are stored for future inspection.
* Multi-language Support ( Turkish, English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian)see language files

Norwegian Language support has been added by JAN STEINAR HANSEN

Please Read ChangeLog for bug fixes and bug definitions.
ChangeLog ChangeLogLast Update 17 May 2001


Read INSTALL.multilog file if you are using multilog for logging

Read INSTALL.splogger file if you are using splogger for logging


Please see the file called COPYING(GPL).

Sample Outputs

version 2.0beta output
version 1.7 output


If you want to see Isoqlog 1.7 source code click here (2542 lines)

Latest Version 1.7 (Source

isoqlog-1.7.tar.gz   (29 Nov 2001)

Older Versions

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Thanks to
R. Hutchinson completely reorganised, but uses the same data structure, so can be used instead of the older ones quite a few bugs found and fixed.
Murat BALABAN for testing isoqlog and helping on documentation
Duzgun GUL
Estephano for German Translations
Clemens Hermann for German Translations
Philipp Stinauer for German Translations
Edson Lima Monteiro for Portuguese Translations
cad_vga for Spanish Translations
Maciej Gruszczynski for Polish Translation
and All others people sent feedback

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