Installation is very simple. 1.) Installing Zabit For FreeBSD use pkg_add or ports collection. # pkg_add -r zabit or # cd /usr/ports/mail/zabit # make install clean For other systems; Edit conf-locale file. This file includes locale information for case sensitivity. And run ./configure make make install 2.) For using only Zabit, edit the qscanq's conf-scancmd file. E.g.: /usr/local/bin/zabit -i -d ./ 3.) If you want to use both zabit and an anti-virus with qscanq, you need zabit-wrp program. 4.) Installing zabit-wrp NOTE: You __SHOULD__ do all instructions located at before doing following steps !!!! edit zabit-wrp/conf-qscanq file and add qscanq intallation path to this file. E.g.: /package/mail/qscanq Edit conf-zabit file and specify how you want zabit to run. E.g.: /usr/local/bin/zabit -d ./ -i At then and run this command. ./compile compile script; 1. compiles zabit-wrp and puts /usr/local/bin/zabit-wrp to qscanq's conf-scancmd file. 2. Uninstalls qscanq, re-compiles qscanq with new conf-scancmd and re-installs qscanq. zabit-wrp, runs zabit at first. If zabit returns "no spam", runs the orjinal anti-virus program. P.S: Path in conf-qscanq file must include qscanq source files. 5.) Edit /usr/local/etc/zabit.conf bad word list and specify which keywords are to be treated as spam. buy online " xxx " (excepts quotes) 6.) Edit /usr/local/etc/zabit-attach.conf attachment extention list and specify extentions or file names to block. 7.) Log file is /var/log/zabit.log 16.06.2004 Necati Ersen ŞİŞECİ siseci at enderunix org