Mon Dec 4 01:44:00 GMT 2001 * As a graphical user interface, Using Qt development libraries, a GUI is available: qldapadmin * Fixed several "core dumps" in qlistdomain and qlistusers * Some crucial configuration parameters (Base Dn, Ldap Server, Ldap Password... ) have been removed to a configuration file, so that a minor change should not require a complete rebuilding. * Some more system binaries are addes: qaddforward for adding mail forwarding addresses qaddalternate for adding mail alternate addresses qdelforward for deleting mail forwarding addresses qdelalternate for deleting mail alternate addresses setaccountstatus setdeliverymode * configuration file and other file operations are secured. via umask() * nearly all code has been re-organized in ANSI C++ fashion. Both style and ANSI compliance problems have been solved. * Removed some fancy and buggy pointers from code. * code has been carried over CVS. Mon Jul 2 15:10:00 GMT 2001 * First Public Release