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netUstad - About netUstad

To ease the task of network administration, decrease the likelihood of erronous command execution and to maintain all network services from a central point, EnderUNIX SDT anounces the availability of its 9th open-source tool, netUstad.

The tool, designed and coded by one of our developers Ozkan KIRIK, has the capability to generate FreeBSD IPFW and Linux Iptables rulesets. It has been coded in C language and includes its own HTTP server.

The newly anounced version provides a web interface for system administrators to add/delete/update IPFW and Iptables rulesets, manage routing table and network interfaces. You can manage your firewall via a TCP/IP connected remote PC, easily.

Here, Ízkan KIRIK thanks to;
to Baris SIMSEK for encouraging me to write this software
to N. Can KIRIK for CSS, HTML and JavaScript support and Web&GUI design
to Necati Ersen SISECI for Auth.C Patch
to M. Onur YALAZI for C support
to Kutluhan KIBRIT who demonstrated me FreeBSD
to EnderUNIX Software Development Team for their friendships

Contact Information;
Mailing list: netustad (at) lists (dot) enderunix (dot) org
To Subscribe: netustad-subscribe (at) lists (dot) enderunix (dot) org
Bug Report: ozkan (at) enderunix (dot) org

Project Administrator & Author : Ízkan KIRIK - - ozkan (at) enderunix (dot) org
Web&GUI Designer : N. Can KIRIK - - j-joey (at) j-joey (dot) net
netUstad - About netUstad

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