EnderUNIX Hafiye

Latest Version: 1.0

What is Hafiye?

When I looked at the source code for various famous sniffers, I've noticed that they all had all seperate .C files for interpreting various protocols. Why not have a sniffer that can understand user-supplied protocol details? Here it is.

When fired, Hafiye first visits each sub-directory under its knowledge-base directory and opens to see whether it is a protocol knowledge-base file. If so, It loads the necessary information from that file and places it into its memory space.
After constructing the supplied knowledge-base, Hafiye starts looping for receiving packets. When a packet arrives, it demultiplexes the layers according to its knowledge-base and prints protocol-based information.

Mirror Sites

  • Acikkod


  • Multi Platform Support (Posix Compliant)
  • Customizable Protocol Definitions (Layer II, III and IV)
  • Customizable Packet Interpretation (Layer II, III and IV)

    Sample Output

    Sample output is provided here. This is a POP3 session where Hafiye successfully captured both the protocol headers and the payload: username/password



    You can see the ChangeLog file to see what has changed between the releases.


    You can download EnderUNIX Hafiye from EnderUNIX or Acikkod.org

  • FreeBSD Package
  • Debian Package


    Read the INSTALL document as well as the README document to install and deploy EnderUNIX Hafiye, You can find README.configfile document helpful about custom protocol definition files.


  • Murat Balaban [murat at enderunix dot org]

    Mailing List

    You can subscribe to our mailing list.
    Send an blank mail to [email protected]
    Mail archive is available at http://list.enderunix.org/hafiye


  • FreeBSD Ports Tree Maintainer [ports at freebsd dot org] for the FreeBSD port/package
  • Murat Demirten [murat at debian dot org] for the Debian package
  • Atilim Boy [aboy at trunix dot org]
  • Sensei original idea owner.
  • My team friends Ismail, Omer and Baris.

    (c) 2002, EnderUNIX Software Development Team Istanbul/Turkey