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Multithreaded HTTP Download Accelerator

Latest Stable Version: 0.4.1

What is Aget?

Aget is a multithreaded HTTP -for now- download accelerator.
Everybody knows about the famous Flashget for Win32. This program is a starting point of a very useful project like Flashget. The aim is to provide as much functionality as we can.

Tests show that Aget is successfull in realizing its objectives. A file of size 36.347.010 bytes was downloaded in 14 minutes 28 secs via wget; whereas it was downloaded in 3 minutes and 15 seconds via aget.
Aget is an acronym for two Turkish words "Acele Getir". (Eng.: Get it fast!)



    How to use?

    If you're downloading a file of size less than 512K, I suggest using small segments, i.e 4-5 however, if you are downloading large files, you can increase the segmentation Aget first sends a HEAD request to retrieve the length of the file, and divides it into equal segments according to the number user has requested. Then for each segment, it connects to the server and gets only the part, which it is to download. Therefore, if you're downloading a small file, it is suggested that you decrease the number of segmentation, likewise, if it's a large file, you're urged to increase the number of threads.

    Project News


    About further development, see TODO file.


    You can see the ChangeLog file to see what has changed between the releases.


    EnderUNIX Aget 0.4.1 [STABLE] SHA256 (aget-0.4.1.tar.gz) = d17393c7f44aab38028ae71f14b572ba1839b6e085fb2092b6ebe68bc931df4d

    Download prior 0.4 version packages

    EnderUNIX Aget 0.4 [STABLE RPM] [stefano's site]
    EnderUNIX Aget 0.4 [STABLE RPM] [local]
    EnderUNIX Aget 0.4 [STABLE FEDORA RPM] [local]
    EnderUNIX Aget 0.4 [STABLE DEBIAN .DEB] [local]


    Read the INSTALL document as well as the README document to install and deploy EnderUNIX Aget, You can find README-Developer document helpful if you want to help develop aget.

    Old Releases

  • Version 0.4
  • Version 0.2p1
  • Version 0.2


  • Murat Balaban [murat at enderunix dot org]

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