Wellcome to ATILIM BOY's Home Page.

I am working as System Departmant Leadership at Rt.Net / Telsim.
You can contact to get OS related support and consulting or system progmming support on UNIX based operating systems.
aboy _at_ enderunix.org
aboy _at_ trunix.org

Cirriculum Vitae (CV) :

- http://www.enderunix.org/aboy/atilimboy-cv_20041201.zip (Word Doc.)
- http://www.trunix.org/aboy/atilimboy-cv_20041201.zip (Word Doc.)

Open Source Projects :

- CheckDNS It checks and reports whether a domain name, hosted by your organization, is still in use, and if so, reports whether your name servers are still the delegated name servers of the domain name in question. Reports are generated both to the console and as HTML output. HTMLs also include information about the MX and WWW records of the domain name. The tool is expected to be of great use for Internet Service Providers who are in need of keeping track of lame dns records.
- qSheff qSheff, is a wrapper for the qmail-queue from EnderUNIX Software Development Team @ Turkey. It scans email against viruses and spammers. After checking the mail agains spam and virus, qSheff will wake the qmail-queue. qSheff, is a replacement program for qscanq. It is simple and more powerfull. qSheff supports spam checking by Zabit, just another EnderUNIX program. You don't need zabit-wrp as a wrapper program.
- EnderUNIX Web Site Web site of EnderUNIX Team.
- EnderUNIX Tips Turkish and Engilish tips portal of EnderUNIX.
- CSD OS The first kernel project in Turkey.
- IsoQlog Isoqlog is MTA log analysis program written in C. It designed to scan qmail, sendmail, postfix and exim logfiles and produce usage statistics in HTML format for viewing through a browser. It produces Top domains output according to Incoming , Outgoing , total mails and bytes, it keeps your main domain mail statistics for per day, per month and per year. This tool is used by many *large* scale organizations.
- Trunix.ORG Web Site Web site of Trunix.ORG written in C Language.

Papers :

- Backing up mail traffic with qmail
- Setting up mailhubs with qmail
- Subnetting
- Unix History
- How to backup a mysql database
- Using CSD OS System Calls

Presentations :

- Open Source VPN solutions - Free Sofware and Open Source Days / 2003 (Istanbul Bilgi University) Download

Memberships :

- EnderUNIX Software Development Team, http://www.enderunix.org/
- Trunix.ORG (old Unix portal of Turkey), http://www.trunix.org/
- LKD (Turkey Linux Users Association), http://www.lkd.org.tr/
- CSD (Turkey C and System Pragrammers Association), http://www.csystem.org/
- CSD OS Developer Group, http://www.csdos.org/

PGP public keys :

- aboy _at_ enderunix.org
- aboy _at_ trunix.org

Mirror Sites :

- http://www.enderunix.org/aboy
- http://www.trunix.org/aboy