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EnderUnix Papers:



Internet Connection Sharing in Linux
"Authored by Cihangir BEŞİKTAŞ, article explains how the internet connection is shared in Linux based operating systems."

Kernel Level TCP/IP Application
"Authored by Cihan Kömeçoğlu, article gives information about kernel level TCP/IP."

Snmp & Mrtg
"Authored by Metin Kaya article discuss "How to install and configure SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) service and MRTG (Multi-Router Traffic Grapher) tool."

MSN Protocol Analysis
"Authored by one of the Academy students of EnderUNIX, Cihan Kömeçoğlu, article explains how to Analysis of msn protocol and describes IP fragmentation and TCP reordering reassembly structures."

Detection and Prevention of Network Traffic Analysis
"Authored by EnderUNIX team member, Bâkır Emre , article explains how to packet sniffer works, how to detect packet sniffers and how to prevent sniffing."

IPv4 Multicast and its practical use in Unix systems
"Authored by one of the EnderUNIX team members, Bâkır Emre, the tutorial where specific guideliness are also provided for practical application on Unix Systems, aims to demystify IPv4 Multicast. At the end of the paper, two small C code snippets were placed to clarify IPv4 socket interface for the readers to have a quick understanding of IPv4 multicast programming."

Fragmanted packets
"A paper by Huzeyfe Onal explaining the how and whys of fragmanted packets"

FreeBSD Bind DNS
"BIND configuration on FreeBSD"

Network and service monitoring with Nagios
"Network and service monitoring with Nagios"

FreeBSD and next generation Internet Protocol(IPV6
"FreeBSD and next generation Internet Protocol(IPV6)"

Seperating Networks into Subnets
"This document describes how to seperate your network into subnets."

What is ICMP Redirect message? How it works?
"This document explains ICMP Redirect Messages, without technical details."

Contributed Papers:



Wireshark user guide
"A wireshark user guide written by Hakan AKPINAR"

OPENVPN Ipv4 & Ipv6 Tunnel Broker Router
"Authored by Yavuz Alnıak, article explains how to implement openvpn server and openvpn client"

"Authored by,Mehmet CELIK, article explains howto install and configure VPN on Linux operating system."

Security of ATM Cash Advance Operations
"This document contains general ATM cash advance security knowledge. The knowledge in this text collected from my self-experience, so that it can be absent."

Configuring MRTG
"This document, describes how to monitor network interfaces via Mrtg."

TCP/IP Protocol Family
"A TCP/IP document which is documented by Canakkale 18 Mart University students."

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:: Book

ISBN No: 978-975-98099-4-2
Date 2007-05-09
Page Numbers: 288
Authors: İsmail Yenigül, Barış Şimşek, Atılım Boy

Acik Akademi

:: EnderUNIX Tips
- Search for a string in files and then list the file names
- Could not load host key: /etc/ssh/ssh_host_ecdsa_key
- Get Important Update Notification on Linux Using Bash Script
- Another Sort by File Size
- Patching and installing packages to Solaris 11
- [VTK] GL/osmesa.h: no such file or directory
- Automatize/get Rid Of "RSA fingerprint" warning of ssh/scp
- Apache Mysql Php ModSecurity Chrooter
- Audit log monitoring service for Modsecurity v2
- Automatically freed memory

:: EnderUNIX Sysctl
- Enable non-privileged users to mount filesystems
- net.inet.ip.ttl
- check your maximum filedescriptors
- net.ipv4.igmp_max_memberships
- kern.ipc.msgtql
- kern.ipc.msgmax
- kern.ipc.msgmni
- kern.ipc.msgmnb
- kern.ipc.msgseg
- net.bpf.maxbufsize


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