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EnderUnix Papers:



Linux Installation with Kickstart
"Authored by one of the academy students of EnderUNIX,Metin Kaya article explains "How to install operating system on remote hosts without CD/DVD in Kickstart method""

System performance management tools
"Authored by one of the academy students of EnderUNIX,Metin Kaya, article explains System performance checking & reporting tools sar,vmstat and iostat etc."

Administration of CVS and using it as a deveoper
"What is, installation, start,ng a project with CVS, developer commands, parallel code development"

Linux Live Distrubiton
"Linux Live Distrubiton"

GNU AutoTools HandBook
"This document explains that what GNU AutoTools (autoheader, autoconf, automake) is, where & how they are used."

Linux Network Security
"This document details Linux network security. And gives sample tools and their uses for auditing your system"

Linux Security
"Explains Howto secure a newly installed Linux system step by step. Also has some links about security."

Linux IPCHAINS Howto
"IPchains is a firewall software used in Linux 2.2 systems. It allows to secure your internet connection. This document gives a live example of Firewall Design. "

Contributed Papers:



Hylafax installation
"An article about Hylafax installation and configuration on Debian GNU/Linux"

Linux CD-Writing HOWTO
"Linux CD-Writing HOWTO"

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:: Book

ISBN No: 978-975-98099-4-2
Date 2007-05-09
Page Numbers: 288
Authors: İsmail Yenigül, Barış Şimşek, Atılım Boy

Acik Akademi

:: EnderUNIX Tips
- Search for a string in files and then list the file names
- Could not load host key: /etc/ssh/ssh_host_ecdsa_key
- Get Important Update Notification on Linux Using Bash Script
- Another Sort by File Size
- Patching and installing packages to Solaris 11
- [VTK] GL/osmesa.h: no such file or directory
- Automatize/get Rid Of "RSA fingerprint" warning of ssh/scp
- Apache Mysql Php ModSecurity Chrooter
- Audit log monitoring service for Modsecurity v2
- Automatically freed memory

:: EnderUNIX Sysctl
- Enable non-privileged users to mount filesystems
- net.inet.ip.ttl
- check your maximum filedescriptors
- net.ipv4.igmp_max_memberships
- kern.ipc.msgtql
- kern.ipc.msgmax
- kern.ipc.msgmni
- kern.ipc.msgmnb
- kern.ipc.msgseg
- net.bpf.maxbufsize


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