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EnderUnix Papers:


Configuring PHP with Oracle 8i
"Compiling PHP with Oracle support is a really dificult thing to do. Document details howto setup PHP with Oracle support and points places where you must be careful "

DHCP Server and Client
"Dynamic Host Configuartion Protocol allows you to manage your campus or company without overhead. It dynamicly assigns IP ... for your clients. "

DjbDNS Roadmap
"This document is intended to explain howto install djbDNS dns server to your system and explains utilities which come with djbDNS. "


Sun Solaris and RBAC ( Role Based Access Control List)
"Authored by member of EnderUNIX,Ömer Fark Şen , article explains Role Base Access Control - RBAC which is alternative all-or nothing superuser model, in Solaris operating system."

Operating System-level server virtualization solution : OpenVZ
""Authored by EnderUNIX team member, Metin Kaya , article explains OpenVZ : Operating System-level server virtualization solution.""

Oracle 8i support for PHP
"Oracle 8i support for PHP 4.X"

Samba Server Installation
"Configuration of Samba"

User Controlling With Sudosh
"User Controlling With Sudosh"

Virtual users management with PureFTPd
"Virtual users management with PureFTPd"

Installing and using SMTP Proxy

Contributed Papers:



Passwordless Replication with Rsyncd
"Authored by Mesut Gülnaz , article explains howto replicating "domains" folder ,used by qmail+vpopmail users, to another server."

Squid installation with NTLM Authentication
"Squid installation with NTLM Authentication"

Beowulf HOWTO
"This paper aims to familiarize the readers with notion Super Computing and Beowulf architecture. Paper is originally written by Jacek Radajewski and Douglas Eadline, and translated into Turkish by A. Murat EREN"

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:: Book

ISBN : 975-98099-0-7
Publication Date : May 2005
Total Page : 300
Authors : Ismail Yenigul,
Baris Simsek,
Huzeyfe Onal

Acik Akademi

:: EnderUNIX Tips
- Search for a string in files and then list the file names
- Could not load host key: /etc/ssh/ssh_host_ecdsa_key
- Get Important Update Notification on Linux Using Bash Script
- Another Sort by File Size
- Patching and installing packages to Solaris 11
- [VTK] GL/osmesa.h: no such file or directory
- Automatize/get Rid Of "RSA fingerprint" warning of ssh/scp
- Apache Mysql Php ModSecurity Chrooter
- Audit log monitoring service for Modsecurity v2
- Automatically freed memory

:: EnderUNIX Sysctl
- Enable non-privileged users to mount filesystems
- net.inet.ip.ttl
- check your maximum filedescriptors
- net.ipv4.igmp_max_memberships
- kern.ipc.msgtql
- kern.ipc.msgmax
- kern.ipc.msgmni
- kern.ipc.msgmnb
- kern.ipc.msgseg
- net.bpf.maxbufsize


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