6.2. Management Console: voipctl

VoIPong provides the user with the ability to administer the server at runtime. You can use voipctl command for this purpose. When fired, voipctl will connect VoIPong and will wait for user's commands:

[root@efe ~/voipong]$ voipctl 

Connected to VoIPong Management Console

efe.enderunix.org [FreeBSD 4.11-STABLE FreeBSD 4.11-STABLE #0: Tue Sep i386]

help is the same old "help":
voipong> help
help : this one
quit : quit management console
uptime : Server uptime
setdebug [level] : set debug level to [level]
logrotate : rotate server's logs
shutdown : shutdown server
rusage : CPU usage statistics for the server
loadnets : Reload voipongnets file
info : General server information
shcall : Show currently monitored calls
shrtcp : Show currently RTCP cache
killcall [id] : end monitoring session with [id]
uptime shows how long the server has been running:
voipong> uptime
Server uptime: 5 minutes 57 seconds

!!: You can use !! command to issue the last command you typed. (same as in sh):
voipong> !!
Server uptime: 6 minutes 13 seconds

logrotate command rotates server logs:
voipong> logrotate
Logrotate successfull
shutdown command will shutdown the server and close management console connection
voipong> shutdown
rusage command will give information related to server's CPU utilization
voipong> rusage

Current CPU usage stats:
Total "user" time : 0 seconds
Total used "system" time : 0 seconds
Shared Memory Size : 384 KB
Integral Memory Size : 1512 KB
Integral stack Size : 1024 KB
Page requests : 70
Page errors : 0
Block input operations : 0
Block output operations : 2
Messages sent : 1
Messages received : 1
Signals : 0
Voluntary "context switch"s : 78
Involuntary "context switch"s : 1
loadnets command will re-read voipongnets and re-load network/algorithms mapping table
voipong> loadnets
Networks file has been reloaded successfuly
info command will give general server information
voipong> info

General Server Info:
Server version : Release 2.0-DEVEL
System : efe.enderunix.org [FreeBSD 4.11-STABLE FreeBSD 4.11-STABLE #0: Tue Sep i386]
Current work. direct. : /usr/home/murat/voipong
Log level : 4
Process ID (PID) : 16240
User : root [Charlie &]
Group : 0
setdebug command will change runtime log verbosity
voipong> setdebug 4
# set new debug level to 4

shcall command will list calls currently monitored
voipong> shcall

ID    NODE1            PORT1 NODE2            PORT2 STIME             DURATION 
----- ---------------- ----- ---------------- ----- ----------------- ------------

01123       12000       24000 24/10/05 11:11:23 33 seconds

Total listed: 1
shrtcp command will show current RTCP cache
voipong> shrtcp

ID    NODE1            PORT1 NODE2            PORT2 STIME            
----- ---------------- ----- ---------------- ----- -----------------

01123       12001       24001 24/10/05 11:11:23

Total listed: 1
killcall will end monitoring the call by id
voipong> killcall 2
transport_simplecmd: server returned error: No such session by ID: 2

cannot process killcall command
q, quit, exit commands will end management session
voipong> q
[root@efe /home/murat/voipong]$