Chapter 5. Configuration

Table of Contents
5.1. Configuration file: voipong.conf
5.2. Network - Algorithm mappings: voipongnets

Configuration files are all installed into VoIPong directory: /usr/local/etc/voipong. Main configuration parameters are included in voipong.conf file. voipongnets file maps network addresses to their proper algorithms. DSOM modules for g711-ulaw and g711-alaw (, are installed to the path given with the modpath configuration file directive.

5.1. Configuration file: voipong.conf

Runtime configuration parameters vital to the smoothly operation of VoIPong server are defined in voipong.conf, formatted as a standart .ini file. There are two sections: GENERAL for general server settings, and FILTERS for setting up startup filters.

5.1.1. GENERAL section

  • logdir: specifies the log directory where voipong will save its logs e.g. /var/log

  • logfile: name of the main server log file e.g. voipong.log

  • outdir: path where output .WAV and/or .RAW files are to be written. e.g. /var/log/voipoutput

  • cdrfile: name of the CDR (Common Data Record) log file e.g. cdr.log

  • networksfile: path to the network/algorithm mappings file e.g. /usr/local/etc/voipong/voipongnets

  • pidfile: path to the pidfile e.g. /var/run/

  • soxpath: path to the sox executable e.g. /usr/local/bin/sox

  • modpath: path to the directory where vocoder DSOM modules are installed. e.g. /usr/local/etc/voipong/modules

  • soxmixpath: path to the soxmix executable e.g. /usr/local/bin/soxmix

  • mgmt_ipcpath: path to the UNIX domain socket for management console e.g. /tmp/voipongmgmt.sock

  • defalg: Default packet matching algorithm. This can currently only be lfp. Other algorithms are to be developed. e.g. lfp

  • rtp_idle_time: (in seconds) when this amount of time elapses and no RTP traffic is received for the call, the call is considered to be finished. e.g. 10

  • device: network device to sniff packets from e.g. eth0

  • promisc: set this to true 1 if you want VoIpong to set your sniffing device to promiscious mode. e.g. set this to 1 for true, 0 for false.

  • mixwaves: set this to true 1 if you want VoIPong to mix the seperate .WAV files into a single .WAV file. e.g. set this to 1 for true, 0 for false.

  • snaplen: maximum number of bytes to capture e.g. 1500

  • readtmt: specifies the read-from-device timeout in milliseconds. e.g. 500

5.1.2. FILTERS section

  • startup: Pcap filter string. This filter will be set during startup procedures. To see detailed usage of pcap filters, see pcap(3) manual page. e.g. "udp"