Latest News

- Dec 12, 2005 - I'll not be online for about 5 1/2 months, since I'll be serving my military service. Keep in touch
- Dec 9, 2005 - VoIPong 2.0 has been released.
- Nov 28, 2005 - VoIPong 2.0-RC1 has been released for public testing. Please download it from here and send feedback. User's Manual is available here.
- Dec 15, 2004 - VoIPong has been awarded the first standing in IBM Turkiye Linux competition.
- Dec 15, 2004 - VoIPong 1.1 has been released for public use.

What is VoIPong

VoIPong is a utility which detects all Voice Over IP calls on a pipeline, and for those which are G711 encoded, dumps actual conversation to seperate wave files. It supports SIP, H323, Cisco's Skinny Client Protocol, RTP and RTCP.

It's been written in C language for performance reasons, proved to be running on Solaris, Linux and FreeBSD; though it's thought to compile and run on other platforms as well.

On a 45 Mbit/sec network traffic, it's been verified that VoIPong successfully detected all VoIP gateways and the VoIP calls. CPU utilization during the run has been found ranging between 66% - 80% on a 256MB RAM, Celeron 1700 Mhz Toshiba notebook.


  • Produces real .Wav files for direct audio hearing.
  • Simple, optimized, extandable fast code
  • The algorithm doesn't depend on signalling but on RTP/RTCP
  • Detailed logging. (Comfortable for 'cut' and 'cat' operations to produce statistics.)
  • Powerful management console interface
  • Easy installation and administration
  • Easy debugging.

Read TODO list for our incoming features.

How to Support Project

  • Test VoIPong
  • Inform me, if you are using it
  • Write document in your language
  • Translate VoIPong web pages or manual to your language
    (See download page.)


IBM Turkiye for electing my project as the best project of 2004
Inforcept Networks for supporting this project.
EnderUNIX Software Development Team @ Turkey for their friendships

VoIPong is an EnderUNIX project
Author: <murat || enderunix org>