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Latest News

- qsheff-II-2.1-r3 is released. More (2007/09/29)

- A small script qsheff2badmailfrom. qsheff2bad.sh

- qsheff-II-2.1-r2 is released. More (2006/08/31)

- qsheff && spamassassin together. (2005/06/26)

Omer Faruk Sen did an implementation of qsheff that enables it to be used with spamassassin.

Here is his documentation:

Cool implementation. Thanks Omer.

What is qSheff

qSheff is a wrapper for the qmail queue that scans email for viruses and spam. Infected messages are rejected before they reach the queue, so the server doesn't perform any job for them. After checking the message, it will wake the qmail queue.


. ClamAv antivirus (With direct domain-socket communication)
. Option to run external content filter or antivirus (custom program)
. Ability to pass internal variables to external programs in the form
of %%mailfrom%%, %%mailto%%, %%remoteip%%, %%msgfile%% and %%tempdir%%
. Header and body filtering with the support of regular expressions
. Attachment filtering
. Protecting e-mails from predefined origin with ignore list (ignore list)
. Quarantine support for spam and virus
. Ability to store all e-mail traffic to local disk
. Subject tagging for MUA's to write their own filters
. Deleting content of infected e-mails and delivering to user with subject
tag and predefined message
. Blocking e-mails with broken headers
. Detailed logging within one line
. Logging to custom file or to syslog server
. Clean C source code which is open to further development
. Easy error detection and debugging
. Ability to run with qmail-queue symbolic link after qmailqueue patch
. Support for custom error patch. Can respond with user-defined error codes,
can return the name of the virus or spam-catching rule
. Ability to inactivate filtering for e-mails from local
. Basic countermeasures for DOS attacks

Read TODO list for our coming features.

How to Support Project

  • Use qSheff, test it, promote the results.
  • Translate the qsheff manual to your native language.
  • If you are using qSheff and find it successful, inform the authors.
  • Buy book from Acik Akademi
  • Meet the authors' book needs.

Surgate Messaging Gateway

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to Huseyin Huce, who tests all versions on his servers.

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