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Andre Oppermann <> has a patch that makes qmail to get user's account information from an LDAP
database. The web page, and installation instructions are located at:

Qmail is a very robust, powerful, fast MTA. When integrated with Andre's ldap patch, it becomes also
quiet 'scalable' because of the built-in clustering support of the patch.

However, the need for creating ldiff files makes life difficult for qmail-ldap admins, that's why
EnderUNIX has preapared several binaries for manipulating ldap databases that hold qmail users' account

So, what is QLDAPAdmin? It is a series of tools that controls the LDAP databases which are used to store
account information for Qmail users. It is written in C++.

With the help of QLDAPAdmin tools, you can:

The QLDAPAdmin binaries are:

qaddaltaddr Add mail alternate addresses for users
qadddomain Add qmail-ldap domain
qaddforward Add mail forwarding addresses for users
qadduser Add qmail-ldap user
qdelaltaddr Delete Mail alternate addresses for users
qdeldomain Delete qmail-ldap domain
qdelforward Delete forwarding addresses for users
qdeluser Delete qmail-ldap user
qlistdomains List qmail-ldap domains
qlistusers List qmail-ldap users for a qmail-ldap domain
qmodifyuser Modify attributes for a qmail-ldap user
qpasswd change qmail-ldap users' password
qsetacctstatus set account status for qmail-ldap users
qsetdeliverymode set mail delivery mode for qmail-ldap users
qsetmailhost set mail host for qmail-ldap users (used if clustering is enabled)
qsetmsgstore set mail message store for qmail-ldap users
qsetquota set mail quota for qmail-ldap users
quserinfo Display account information for qmail-users

 Or, you can do all of the above operations with an easy to use GUI:

Figure: Main Menu View

If you want to see some more screenshots:


You can download EnderUNIX QLDAPAdmin 1.0-RC1 from here.


See INSTALL and INSTALL-GUI documents for installation instructions.



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For information about planned further development, see TODO


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Murat BALABAN <murat@EnderUNIX.ORG>
Coding & Documentation

Ismail YENIGUL <ismail@EnderUNIX.ORG>
Coding & Testing

Omer Faruk Sen <ofsen@EnderUNIX.ORG>
Building and Installing Qmail-LDAP
and supplying knowledge base about LDAP

Previous Contributors:
Recep ULGEN <ulgen@EnderUNIX.ORG>
Coding & Design

Sensei Darth Maul <maul@EnderUNIX.ORG>
Giving valuable advice, debugging,
security audit

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