QmailadminLogger: Logs when a user deleted from system, a user added to system, password or quota of a user changed.

Please issue this command before applying the patch:

# touch /var/log/qmailadmin.log && chown vpopmail:vchkpw /var/log/qmailadmin.log

Go to the directory where qmailadmin source codes are located (cd /the/qmailadmin/directory/) and apply the patch:

# patch < qmailadmin-VERSION-logger.patch

Then recompile and reinstall qmailadmin.

Logs can be read in /var/log/qmailadmin.log. Sample log lines:

12/08/2007 00:27:32: test@test.com logged in from IP: Action: user added [met@test.com]

12/08/2007 00:28:00: kimi@domain.com logged in from IP: Action: user deleted [mk@domain.com].

12/08/2007 00:28:38: mahmut@sukru.com logged in from IP: Action: password changed for met@sukru.com

12/08/2007 00:28:38: postmaster@test.com logged in from IP: Action: quota changed to 56 MB for metin@test.com

12/08/2007 13:00:30: postmaster@agusto.net logged in from IP: Action: user deleted [aydin@agusto.net]. And his/her mails were forwarded to alfonso@domain.com.

Download the patch for qmailadmin-1.2.9, 1.2.10 and 1.2.11 versions [Last Update: 2007-08-27]

TODO: Logs won't be read in /var/log/qmailadmin.log. syslog support will be written.

THANKS: İsmail YENİGÜL for his brilliant ideas.

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