Latest News

- Apr 30, 2012- MetFS 2.0 has been released
- Dec 27, 2011- MetFS 1.1 has been released
- Apr 12, 2008- MetFS 1.0 has been released

What is MetFS?

MetFS is a filesystem software in userspace that is FUSE based, encrypted, dynamic sized (increase when new data added, decrease when data removed), single file when it's unmounted and very fast.
MetFS also has a Java GUI!

In order to install MetFS, please refer to INSTALL.

Please read the detailed document about MetFS: MetFS Book

For licensing information see COPYING.

MetFS 's been written in C language for performance reasons; proved to be running on Linux and FreeBSD.


  • MetFS partitions are visible only to the user who mounted them. No other users (including root) can view the filesystem contents.
  • MetFS partition looks like a single file when it's unmounted.
  • Clear version of the user password is never written to disk.
  • RC4 stream cipher algorithm is used.
  • MD5 hash algorithm is preferred.
  • Clear data never stored in anywhere.
  • Writing 1.6 GB sized data in ext3 filesystem is just 16 seconds faster than MetFS.
  • Faster and more secure string functions of OpenBSD and D.J.B are used.
  • .mfs is official file extension of MetFS.
  • MetFS also has a GUI in Java.

Java Interface:

Read TODO list for our incoming features.

How to Support Project?

  • Test MetFS
  • Inform me, if you are using it
  • Write document in your language
  • Translate MetFS web pages to your language
    (See download page.)


My advisor: H. Turgut UYAR
Murat BALABAN for his help in cryptography
Author of FUSE: Miklos SZEREDI
EnderUNIX Software Development Team @ TÜRKİYE for their valuable friendships

MetFS is an EnderUNIX project
Author: <metin at enderunix.org>