Isoqlog 2.2.x INSTALL - Installation 1. ./configure If you would like to use default options just type 'configure' To see more options type 'configure --help' 2. make Compiling... 3. make install Installing... 4. make clean Removing objects files... copy images and library directory that under htmltemp directory to isoqlog output directory 5. cp -pr ./htmltemp/images ./htmltemp/library isoqlogoutputdir/ 6. You can run isoqlog more than once in a day, though you must run at least once before 00:00 (i.e. 23:58) to get current day's statistics. 7. If you're using postfix, sendmail or qmail-syslog, it is strongly suggested you rotate your log files to get the data healthier. # crontab -e 58 * * * * /usr/local/bin/isoqlog 1>/dev/null 2>/dev/null this will run isoqlog every hour at 58. minute That's all IMPORTANT NOTE: If you type make and get an error like: Makefile line:XXX need an operator, you better use gmake, not make. - Files When you untar package, you should see following files and directories: Makefile -> You know what is this. configure -> Prepares your system for custom installations. isoqlog.conf -> Configuration file. (more isoqlog.conf) -> Domains htmltemp -> Contains HTML output templates. Edit them if you would like. - After installation Don't forget! If you configure your system with 'configure --prefix=install_dir' edit isoqlog.conf and change prefix variables. Also change others. NOTE: An important thing to note here is that; keep the size of your log file large. if you're using qmail with multilog, you can set this in the qmail-send/log/run file with the s (size) parameter like this: (all in one line) #!/bin/sh exec /usr/local/bin/setuidgid \ qmaill /usr/local/bin/multilog t s5000000 \ /var/log/qmail if you're using syslog, change the rotate size. PROBLEMS If you have trouble with GNU style configuration/installation please try Makefile.std cp Makefile.std Makefile make make install