The FreeBSD Turkish Documentation Project



Since FreeBSD is very stable operating system and has not much Turkish document. We as "EnderUNIX.ORG" has decided to form "The FreeBSD Turkish Documentation Project".
We believe it is very important for people whose native language is Turkish  wants to learn FreeBSD.

Who can Contribute?

Everyone who can translate English documents to Turkish can contribute to that project.

How to start?

It is very easy to contribute that project. Just select one of those documents located at

We beleive that the most important documents to translate are:


What has been done so far?

1) FreeBSD.ORG www pages were started to translate and sent to FreeBSD Document project via send-pr command. You can see it with that link:

2)We have sent tree to the -doc mailing list and those are committed by Marc Fonvieille <blackend AT_> thus framework has started.

What to read?

FreeBSD Document Project Primer for New Contributors can be read. It is not a must but to understand concepts you should read it!

How to communicate?

Just send a blank e-mail to ftdp-subscribe _AT_ to join FreeBSD Turkish Documentation Project

Project Members: