EnderUNIX Aget ChangeLog - extern int errno's replaced with #include directives for newer Linux versions compatibility. - Patch by Patrick MARIE mycroft virgaria.org>, which initializes struct request pointer. - Patch by Gurer Ozen to avoid excessive CPU consuming while downloading from very slow sites. - HTTP Proxy support (without authorization) - progress bar is now in one line. - RC file support. Some configuration parameters can be set in the .agetrc file which will be placed on the user's home directory. - Ftp downloads utilize the first head connection - Naveen N. Rao becomes the second developer for aget. - Aget supports ftp downloads now. (Passive only). - Thread exit status evaluation. Automatic restarting of threads. - Heavy changes on Signal Handling - Log file is now created in the user's home directory. - Progress bar is actived via alarm(2) now. * Sat Nov 23 - MaxOSX support - get() and resume_get() functions are replaced with startHTTP(), startFTP, resumeHTTP() and resumeFTP() respectively. * Fri Nov 22 07:44:20 EET 2002 Version 0.4 adds/changes the following: - Fixed bugs in Resume code. - Fixed miscalculations in the progress indicator * Fri Sep 20 18:11:11 EEST 2002 Version 0.39 adds/changes the following: - Hafiye is not 100 % POSIX compliant now. pread/pwrite functions are now used to simultaneously write to the local file. - Because of pwrite, the local file is not assembled at the end now, it's assembled at the same time. This speeds up large downloads; since previously lots of I/O was used to assemble the file. This is now decreased by at least fifty percent. - Solaris bug fixed. - Resume support. - Some more options: -p [port number to connect to] -l [local file name, if different from the remote file] -f [force use of suggested number of threads] - A progress indicator has been added. - Can guess the number of threads needed depending on file size - Code has been re-arranged. Since aget starts to become larger, that was a need. - A README-Developer has been added for developers who want to contribute to aget. * Fri May 3 23:25:08 EEST 2002 Version 0.2p1 adds/changes the following: - getopt() problem is now solved, The program should really run on Posix systems. I've tested it on Linux, FreeBSD ans Solaris. - If no thread number is supplied, it is defaulted to 1. - A Solaris Makefile is added to the tarball. * Wed May 1 18:15:32 EEST 2002 Version 0.2 adds/changes the following: - File is now created seperately in each thread and later, it is assembled. Thus, some overhead from locking and unlocking of the mutex has been decreased. * Wed May 1 10:43:44 EEST 2002 First Public Release: 0.1