» EnderUNIX code repository now on github
EnderUNIX code repository now on github - https://bit.ly/eugithub
Author: Bkr EMRE
» MetFS updated
MetFS 1.1 released. Changes in this release are shown below: libgcyrpt initialization has been fixed. potential memory leak has been fixed in metfs_write() function. multi-threading is now supported.
Author: Bkr EMRE
» EnderUNIX VoIPong has been included within Backtrack

EnderUNIX VoIPong has been included within Backtrack, known as the most
innovative penetration testing environment available.

You can readily use VoIPong from the Backtrack Live CD.

A quick tutorial is available in this URL:

You can reach VoIPong project page here:

Author: Cihangir Beikta
» Long-awaited EnderUNIX spamGuard 1.8 is out!

EnderUNIX spamGuard 1.8 with qSheff extensions is out at last. New version
adds/changes the following:

- qSheff log file suppor added. IP adresses of spammers, found in qsheff.log, 
  who send mails which has same subject more than pcnt or bcnt value will be
   added to badmail file.

- If subject filtering is enabled, subjects of spams, found in qsheff.log, will be added
   to qsheff.rules file. To enabling this feature, make enable_subj_filt value 1.

You can get detailed information about the brand-new release, please take a visit
to the project web-site:


Author: Murat Balaban
» The First BSD Conference in Turkey
We're proud to announce the first of Turkish Conference on BSD systems: BSDConTR.

Organized in cooperation with Marmara University and EnderUNIX Software Development team, which is largely known as its ongoing support for BSD systems in Turkey, and its open source projects, the conference will be held on October 20th and 21th in Goztepe campus of Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey.

FreeBSD core team member Robert Watson will be attending the conference as guest speaker.

During the conference, papers will be presented by various BSD users, developers, and companies. If you would like to submit a paper, you can either choose a topic of your own, or you can choose from one of the following:
  • Kernel Architecture
  • Interoperatbility with other Operating Systems
  • Networking
  • Embedded systems
  • Device drivers
  • Commercial uses (hosting, etc.)
  • Spam Prevention with BSDs
  • Ports collection
  • Desktop
  • Performance Tuning
  • Security
  • Programming
  • E-commerce
  • Applications of BSD systems on "E-devlet" projects
  • System Administration
  • Raid and high-volume storage
  • High-performance
  • Mass Installation
  • Networking
  • Cryptography
These are just some of the areas that the organization committee would like to see discussed, although any topics relevant to BSD or the community in general are more than welcome.

If you are interested in submitting a paper, please contact papers at bsdcontr.org with a brief information about about your paper no later than September 7th, 2007.


Author: Bkr EMRE
Previously authored in Turkish by Murat Balaban, this article is an enhanced version which tries to demystify ip spoofing using the BSD Raw Sockets Interface.

This article aims to give the readers a quick grasp of raw sockets idea, its design internals, and its successfull implemenatation BSD Raw Sockets API. IP Spoofing will be discussed in detail, with the help of three sample applications, spoofing ICMP, UDP and TCP packets respectively. After reading this article, the readers will be able to clearly understand why they cannot trust even the TCP protocol for the security of their communication, and why they must employ cryptographic protocols to make sure that their communication is seen only by the authorized parties (Cryptography), that their communication is not altered on the way (Integrity), and that communucation channels are always available (Availability).

The article is available from the following URL:


Author: Bkr EMRE
» Maintenance on devel.enderunix.org (EnderUnix CVS System)

There will be maintenance on devel.enderunix.org (EnderUnix CVS System) today (23.03.2007) .

CVS system will be unreachable during this period.

Author: Afsin Taskiran
» scanhill bugfix release 0.5-p1 out

Latest EnderUNIX project, scanhill's new release, is out with some bugfixes and few minor improvements.

You can get the new version from the project's web site:


Author: Murat Balaban
» EnderUNIX announces the availability of its 16th open source tool: scanhill

EnderUNIX Software Development Team announces the availability of its 16th open source tool

Developed by one of the academy students of EnderUNIX team, Cihan Komecoglu, the tool can
capture and analyze MSN Messenger protocol text messaging.

Optionally, intercepted text messages can be stored onto an RDMBS (Only mySQL is supported for now).
Given that mySQL is used, stored instant messages can be read through a browser interface that is
written in PHP language


Author: Murat Balaban
» EnderUNIX welcomes its brand new security mailing list
Both with the feedback we are getting from you and the requests you have made through our mailing lists, as EnderUNIX, we have decided to start a new group for security in which we aim to create another rich archive relating to network and host security. You can subscribe the list by sending an empty  e-mail to [email protected].
Thank you for your support and feedbacks.

Author: ozgur ozdemircili
» {Document} FreeBSD 6.1 Installer Guide
The updated version of the famous "FreeBSD installer guide" for FreeBSD 6.1 has been added to our site. You can reach the document through http://www.enderunix.org/docs/en/freebsd61/
Author: ozgur ozdemircili
» qsheff-II-2.1-r2 is out
The latest release 2.1-r2 is out. The main objective of this revision is bug fixing.

From Changelog:

- Fixed some typos about the custom prog feature.
- the quarantine problem fixed.
- Now qSheff can handle separate blackholes for spams and viruses.

Please note that, qsheff.conf has new options. So remove your old configuration file. The installation doesn't overwrite your rules. But always get a backup before installation.

Author: Afsin Taskiran
» EnderUNIX Logo Contest

Dear open source fans,


6 years have passed, we've come to this day with your support and cooperation. Years

came and passed thus we grew and improved. Whithin this period, more than 200 papers

have been submitted, 14 software projects have been started. 400 people has subscribed

to our mailing list, more than 3000 people have opted in to receive our news bulletins.


Altough we are working on quite specific matters, we're receiving 2000 daily and 25000

monthly unique visitors. We've reached 70.000 page views monthly.


Because of this progress, keeping our mission always the same, we've changed our vision.

For this reason, we decided to change our famous logo, which was representing FreeBSD.

We've decided to open a logo contest to take as much contribution as possible.


Here is a list of items which we'll expect the logo creators to take into account:


- More modern

- More general (Current logo resembles only FreeBSD. New logo should be more general. It

  doesn't have to resemble anything. It should not embody only one notion, since EnderUNIX

  works in a variety of subjects including software development, documentation, qmail etc.)

- Should have a professional look

- Should not be commercial.

- Should symbolize team work, organization and togetherness.

- Should be global, universal.


The contest will be sponsored by EnderUNIX official sponsors endersys ltd (1)

and Acikakademi Publishing House (2).


The terms and conditions for the contest are:


- EnderUNIX holds all the rights for the winner logo work.

- The contest jury will be the 12 members of EnderUNIX Software Development Team:


. Ismail Yenigul

. Huzeyfe Onal

. Omer Faruk Sen

. Afsin Taskiran

. Halil Demirezen

. Ozgur Ozdemircili

. Necati Ersen Siseci

. Atilim Boy

. Ozkan Kirik

. Gokhan Alkan

. Murat Balaban

. Baris Simsek


- The works will be delivered to EnderUNIX by no later than July 5, 2006

- The winner logo will be announced on July 10, 2006.

- The designs may be basing their work on the current logo.




The creator of the winner logo will receive:


- A four-book set by Acikakademi Publishing House

- 150 YTL will be awarded by endersys ltd.


You can e-mail your works to the staff ~ enderunix.org mailing list address where

all jury members are the subscribers.


Logo contest web page: http://www.enderunix.org/logo/


(1) endersys ltd is the official sponsor of the EnderUNIX SDT.



(2) Acikakademi Publishing House, http://www.acikakademi.com
Author: Gkhan ALKAN
» EnderUNIX announces qsheff's new version: 2.1
This release is the most stable release of the 2.x series of qsheff. 
This release forked as qsheff-II from qsheff tree. Thus configuration
files are located in etc/qsheff-II.


qsheff 2.1 has gone through varios code optimizations and new features are added.

ChangeLog is as follows:

- Source code forked as qsheff-II (simsek, 2006/02/29)
- Source tree was all arranged. Codes are moved to src/ directory (simsek, 2006/02/29)
- Subject filter has changed as flexible header filter (simsek, 2006/02/29)
- Solved spool directory growth problem (simsek, 2006/03/14)
- snprintf problem seen in Linux has solved (simsek, 2006/03/14)
- Clamd permission problem solved (simsek, 2004/03/22)
- djb.c that contains DJB codes was added (simsek, 2004/03/22)
- Passing parameters to external sofwares are added (simsek, 2006/04/07)
- wblist module was deleted (simsek, 2006/04/08)
- Ignore list was added  (simsek, 2006/04/09)
- External program interface is improved (simsek, 2006/04/09)
- Virus labeling feature was added (simsek, 2006/04/27)
- X-qSheff-Match header was added (simsek, 2006/04/27)
- Sysloging capability was added along with previous qsheff.log file (simsek, 2006/04/28)
- autotools macros are rewritten (simsek, 2006/04/29)

With this release old English and Turkish documents that details qsheff was renewed. 
We strongly suggest you to read handbook.en.txt and handbook.tr.txt that come with

Wblist was removed within this relase. To forbid according to From and To can be 
achieved with header filters. You can use badmailfrom to IP forbidding. You can 
also use qsheff.ignore for ACCEPT directive.

With this release qsheff.ignore file in which you define IPs and addresses that you
don't want to get proccessed by qsheff is added. This file has also regular
expression support.

Project page: http://www.enderunix.org/qsheff/

Best Regards,

EnderUNIX Software Development Team @ Tr
Author: Baris Simsek
» qsheff 2.0 is out with its exciting feature sets!
After a hard work that lasts 1.5 year qsheff has become the most
functional content filter and with this release it offers these functionalities:

* Direct connection to ClamAv Antivirus daemon over socket.
* Custom message return option instead of qmail "permanently" error.
* Subject tagging for spam mails.
* Could filter or skip local users.
* Supporting qmailqueue patch.
* Executing antivirus program
* Filtering by subject
* Filtering by body
* Filtering by header lines.
* Regular expressions support.
* Attachment blocking by filenames and extensions
* White/Black list support.
* (network, IP, domain and e-mail address based blocking or permitting)
* Could save all incoming/outgoing mail trafic or just rejected emails
* Single line logging
* Blackhole -- option to return nothing when a virus or spam is found
* Blocking e-mails of broken headers
* Easy installation by the GNU autotools
* Monitoring SPAM traffic with MRTG
* Extendable, fast and simple code
* Easy debugging, bug tracking
Author: Baris Simsek
:: Private Pages

:: Book

ISBN : 975-98099-0-7
Publication Date : May 2005
Total Page : 300
Authors : Ismail Yenigul,
Baris Simsek,
Huzeyfe Onal

Acik Akademi

:: EnderUNIX Tips
- Search for a string in files and then list the file names
- Could not load host key: /etc/ssh/ssh_host_ecdsa_key
- Get Important Update Notification on Linux Using Bash Script
- Another Sort by File Size
- Patching and installing packages to Solaris 11
- [VTK] GL/osmesa.h: no such file or directory
- Automatize/get Rid Of "RSA fingerprint" warning of ssh/scp
- Apache Mysql Php ModSecurity Chrooter
- Audit log monitoring service for Modsecurity v2
- Automatically freed memory

:: EnderUNIX Sysctl
- Enable non-privileged users to mount filesystems
- net.inet.ip.ttl
- check your maximum filedescriptors
- net.ipv4.igmp_max_memberships
- kern.ipc.msgtql
- kern.ipc.msgmax
- kern.ipc.msgmni
- kern.ipc.msgmnb
- kern.ipc.msgseg
- net.bpf.maxbufsize


EnderUNIX Open Source Software Development Team, 2000 - 2008 / Istanbul, Turkey